Young Cheng – Restaurant – Chinatown

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The feeling when you get a taste of Chinese soup and noodles.


Every morning you wake up and know exactly what your taste is. I usually eat fast but I always want to enjoy lunch. As I was writing in the introduction, I got a taste for something Chinese.

Young Cheng – restaurant

I did not hesitate and went to the center where you can find Chinatown. You can find this district just off Trafalgar Square or Piccadilli Circus Metro Station. So if you go to sights and have a taste for something Chinese, do not hesitate to visit Chinatown.


Since it was almost one o’clock in the afternoon, my hunger was huge. I walked down the street and saw the sign of the buffet for 10.5 pounds. Super price when you can eat until you crack.

Orange + Jelly

At the entrance after me, Mrs. wanted 10.5 pounds + 2.2 pounds for coca-cola.

I took a plate and went to taste it all.

Various attachments

The choice was just right for my taste. Everyone comes to their own. Various mixes with chicken, pork and beef. Served here as potatoes, noodles, rice…

rice, mixture, fries …
noodles and other dishes

About 35 people sat in the restaurant and others came from the street.

Different attachment types

Interestingly, when I finished my first plate, the waitress picked it up and told me to take a clean one and get another meal.

Chicken, pork and beef
First plate
rice noodles, mixture, classic noodles …
All gastro containers are full

If I had to summarize everything, so for me super and definitely recommend to visit. Eat as much as you want for 10.5 pounds is great. Clean environment and friendly service.

I wasn’t in the toilets … laughter

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