York & Albany by Gordon Ramsay

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Another restaurant that comes under the famous name Gordon Ramsay.

Dog – statue

This time I go to a business called York and Albany, whichIt is close to Camden Town Underground Station.

Appetizer: Pumpkin soup with créme fraiche. For me, I have to say that it was very well served and the taste was sensational. I liked that I could have an autumn menu.

Pumpkin soup

Main course: Pumpkin tortellini. Delicious, fresh and just super prepared tortellini. I must say I liked it very much.


Dessert: Caramel pudding with vanilla ice cream. The last course that I liked the most.

Caramel pudding with ice cream

For me I must say that I definitely recommend this restaurant to visit. You can see that there is a seasonal menu that tastes good.


The bar was clean and nicely arranged. It ranges from English gins to Caribbean rums.

Seasonal menu

Staff, interior and atmosphere are great here. All I have to do is recommend this business.

Common room for private events


  • Excellent food
  • Friendly staff
  • Interior
  • Private dinning room
  • Arranged bar
  • The restaurant was clean

  • Nothing negative

I recommend this business

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