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A place that has a Jamaican atmosphere

Indoor seating area

The fastest person on earth has another restaurant – this time in London

When you say Usain Bolt, Jamaica, a 100-meter sprint or a 4x 100-meter relay will surely remember. If somebody asked me how I would imagine this sprinter’s restaurant, I would say that in Jamaican style. The opposite is true.

Very tasty Jamaican beer

I’m sure you all know from TV that this famous sportsman likes fast cars, pretty women and goes to the top businesses where famous people meet.

So even in this case it is something extra. No Jamaican Flags no palms…

What do I mean by that ??? A luxurious restaurant with a bar where everyone can find something to do. I didn’t see a better-lit bar, everything was perfect.


In the previous sentence, I wrote that everyone would come to their own. Yes, yes. There is a very rich offer of rums from all over the world, but also good Jamaican beer.

Very varied offer of beer

But the main thing was that while drinking beer I thought I’d like to see one more evening.

Luxury sitting in the pits will make you sleep, I never saw more comfortable seats. Friday and Saturday evenings host a disco that is at the bottom of the restaurant.


What totally got me was the toilets. As many know, I now work in a new restaurant that belongs to Gordon Ramsay. Here we have toilets that nobody in all of London has. However, here at Usain Bolt, there are the second best toilets that I could visit in London so far. Really luxurious business.

WC 1
Stylish washbasins

One small negative has it. Miss asked me what to do. Coffee, please. Unfortunately we do not have. Well, it’s probably not worth commenting, because in my opinion, every business should have coffee. I’m not going to talk about coffee quality, but about the fact that every restaurant has a coffee, everybody… Everyone drinks coffee and should be in every restaurant.

Big mirror
Very powerful hand blowers

To sum it up, I say yes, yes, super, mega and top. Smiling young lady at reception, top offering alcohol. I don’t know if I’m going to be around, but I’d like to stop for some good food and some Jamaican rum. As mentioned above, there was a very large offer of Jamaican rums. I’m not sure if Miss Bartender can talk about all the spirits she has at the bar. In my opinion, every bartender should know commodity knowledge. I’m not going to wrong anyone, I haven’t given any rum yet, so I have to show up again in this restaurant.

Luxury seating area

The last thing I was interested in was the spikes and the famous sprinter jersey. I was so euphoric that I forgot to take a picture… laughter… So maybe next time….

Seating 2
The way to the main entrance of the restaurant


  • Large bar
  • Nice service
  • Luxury toilets
  • Modern sitting
  • Restaurant lighting

  • They don’t have coffee here

I recommend this business

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