Touro Brazilian SteakHouse

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Does the Ambiente Restaurants Group say anything to you?

It’s a cake

If so, you surely know the famous Prague restaurants called Brasileiro.

Bull at the bar

My friend Hanka took me to this restaurant for the first time. I was very excited about it, so the second visit was with my ex-girlfriend and my last visit was with my mother.

Stylish bar – coffee machine wipe

These restaurants are typical by paying a one-time entry and consuming until you have a full abdomen.

Chicken, pork, beef, lamb …

Today I have a day off at work so I visit this business. It is located near the subway called Clapham Common. Touro Metro Station is about 250 meters away.

Chicken, pork, beef, lamb …

Already at the entrance you have a so-called “Ack” sign on which a lunch event is written. Only £ 11.95, which is about 360 CZK

Chicken, pork, beef, lamb …

I wonder why not try it….

When entering the restaurant I see a beautiful, clean and cozy restaurant. I do not hesitate to order a beer. The waiter asked me if I wanted only a salad buffet that was cheaper or I would like to choose a salad buffet + Brazilian meat. Of course I’m not a vegan or a vegetarian.

Chicken, pork, beef, lamb …
Chicken, pork, beef, lamb …

Well, it was very fast wow…

First, I take a plate that I attach. I sit down and start tasting. Before I could chew it, he was a cook and started to cut off my beef neck. And again and again. I’m not going to write what tasted. However, all the meats were top prepared and flavored. As for quality, I can’t say half a word.

Everything tasted great
Beautifully juicy

What meats are served here? For example: Rump steak with garlic, beef neck, beef ribs, sausages, chicken hearts, chicken thighs with chilli, lamb, beef sirloin…

Salad buffet

The tables were elegantly decorated. Cards were missing on every table. Green / red. If you have the card turned green, it means that there will still be a cook going and giving you more portions. If it is turned to red, it means stop. Respectively a beat – now please let me out.

mushrooms, onions, cucumbers, potato salad, tomatoes …

Very cool staff. All from Brazil and only one person from Poland who was just off.


What did I like the most about Toura? A brick wall. They have similar things in Prague, but I liked it even more here.


How can I evaluate it? Simply super. Everything absolutely amazing. Thanks for the great experience


Otherwise, the last point of interest. Besides Clapham, you can to visit other places. Other branches are: Wimbledon, Brighton and Kensal Green.


  • Large selection of wines
  • Quality meat
  • Interior
  • Salad buffet
  • Price
  • Location
  • Very kind and professional staff

  • Dirty window from oudside
  • A cloth is placed on the coffee machine

I recommend this business

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