Touro Brazilian Steakhouse Wimbledon – I do not recommend this business !!!

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Touro – entrance

There is no Touro, like Touro….

Menu + forks
Steak knife, fork

Already in the past I visited one Brazilian Touro which was in Clapham Common. Here, as we all know, it was perfect and I was also surprised by the super service.

Menu – an explanation of what we will eat

Unfortunately, today I must say that this is one big disappointment. I was expecting exactly what I got from the last restaurant, under the same brand name. It should be. If you have more restaurants, under the same name, there should be the same service and quality everywhere.

A little from the salad bar

So what bothered me and why was I dissatisfied? There are more reasons today.

Brazilian sausage

I’d start with meat quality. About fifty percent of the meat was fine, but the other half was not. The meat was rubber and, for example, chicken meat was black – burnt. Moreover, this chicken was supposed to be spicy, but it wasn’t.


The better half of the masses was fine. From the pictures you can see that there was a varied offer. From beef, pork to chicken.


However, I must praise the salad buffet, which was top-notch. All aligned and completed. The quality of the salad bar was fine. I tasted chickpeas, lentils, and potatoes in a cold way.


Service of individual meat courses? Terrible…. If I have a restaurant or a cafe someone will want to take a picture of my food, so I’ll be happy with it. However, the cook who served me did not want to communicate with me. It was obvious that my meat wanted to feed me as quickly as possible so I couldn’t take a picture. This was the opposite of Clapham Common.

Restaurant interior

Waiter service was fine. I got a beer in a cool tube at the beginning. The tube itself is a good marketing move because there is a company logo. However, the inside of this tube was in terrible condition, I mean polystyrene. Every fifteen minutes, the guy who served me was asking me if everything was fine. He was good guy.

Selection The Best of
Not everything was good
It’s looking great
This pork was excellent

In conclusion, I can not say that today I cannot recommend this business. If somebody asked me what business I would recommend from Toura, I would definitely say | Touro, which is in Clapham Common.

The toilets clean
WC 2
The whole restaurant
Salad buffet
Salad buffet
Salad buffet
Salad buffet
Interior – decoration at the time of paintings


  • Clean toilets
  • Brazilian beer
  • Big selection of meat
  • Friendly waiter
  • Location – Wimbledon
  • Purity place
  • Delicious salad bar

  • Chef behavior and service
  • Poorly prepared some meat
  • Behind the bar mess

!!! I do not recommend this business !!!

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