The Willow Walk -not recommend

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Already from the station, I had a friend

Next stop The Willow Walk – Wetherspoon. I used the word stop on purpose. This business is located next to the famous Victoria Station.

English style
Every table has its own number

When you come in, it pulls you in. The English atmosphere cannot be denied here. The interior is in English style.

If you like beer, there is a large selection of several types of beers. Prices are higher, but we have to count on being in central London.

And three more taps on the other side

What I do not recommend here is an English breakfast. I say this because you do not want to have spoiled the rest of your London vacation. You know how… .When you cook scrambled eggs at home, you don’t make them dry as well. And what about heated tomatoes without taste? Bacon? She saw the pan in the 1990s. Nooo … I didn’t really taste it today.

?English breakfast?

Now be careful. People are pigs by nature, we know … So I’m sure I’m not going to evaluate the toilet paper on the ground. However, having a set of toilet paper dispenser seems a little strange to me … Already 14 days ago the tray was damaged. How do I know? Because I was here with a friend on the beer. That’s what a big company doesn’t have the money to buy or repair a tray.

Now cool
Still okay
It doesn’t look nice

If I should evaluate it, so certainly not for me !!! However, if you like dry eggs, tasteless tomato and bacon heated in the microwave, yes. Then I recommend it.


  • Large selection of beer
  • Location – Near Victoria Station
  • Typical English style
  • Water for free

  • Damaged toilet paper tray – was 14 days ago, Ie. It’s not from today
  • Tragic English breakfast
  • Higher prices for beer

I definitely do not recommend this company !!!

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