The Watch House

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Flat White

A café with bricks and wood


I visited today’s café thanks for review recommendations from Google.

Café where coffee is made from Ozone coffee roaster. Music that encourages you to sing (rap) but why not… I really liked it here.

Ceiling in cafe

Especially the interior was in the top. Bricks and the wood everywhere. The bricks were half white and the other classic red.

Coffee from Ozone roastery

Barists who knew exactly how to make coffee. In addition to hot drinks, they also had filtered or iced coffee in various ways.

nice looking shelf

If you want to upgrade your coffee with almond milk, you pay 50 cents more.

Additional sale

There are also various coffee making facilities. We can find here grinders, coffee, tea or other equipment that is needed for alternative coffee preparation.


The biggest attraction from today’s place was the naked portafilter, which are not seen everywhere…

Cafe from outside


  • Interior
  • Reasonable prices
  • Smiling staff
  • Well prepared coffee

  • Location
  • Dust and cobwebs falling from the ceiling…
  • There is no toilet

I recommend this business

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