The Travel Café

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Everywhere plants – fresh air

Exactly the perfect place for my grandmother and grandpa.

Flat White

I decided to make today’s review a little bit different.

Behind the bar
Mistake: cappuccino and espresso
Plants for sale
And more
In front of the cafe

And that’s all for today. I visited it because of the title. However, I did not want to go to the florist … The idea about good …. But for whom.

It is true that I took inspiration from it. As I wrote in the introduction, it’s for people who like plants. If you know English, you can advise staff on how to care for them.


  • Fresh air
  • Well prepared coffee
  • Floral interior
  • Sale of flowers
  • Relatively cheap coffee

  • Misspelled menu – cappuccino and espresso
  • Only coffee – no food or sweet

For plant lovers I recommend to visit

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