The Orchard Cafe- !!! I do not recommend this business !!!

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Road to cafe

Based on the rating it has on Google, I expected it to be a little better…

Neighborhood cafe – in panorama mode

Old furniture, everything ordinary…. Nothing that would excite me. Just the car that is on the roof of this business ..

Cargo ship right next to the cafe

If I was here in the summer and drank some good cocktail, I would probably recommend it. However, it is very far, so I do not know why I should come back here again. Nothing special except the river view.



  • Cafe by the river
  • Nice cups and saucers for coffee

  • Terrible coffee
  • Location at the end of the world
  • Terrible coffee spoon
  • Old furniture
  • Dirty tables, floor…
  • Waitress wearing phones in back pocket

!!! I do not recommend this business !!!

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