The Old Customs House

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From the outside

At Portsmouth, history is breathtaking at every turn. Already during a walk on the Gunwharf Quays, a ton and a half-weight Mark VIII torpedo, widely used during World War II, the Mark 17 underwater mine, and the rapid-fire cannon will catch your attention.

Torpedo and Mine are a few dozen meters from today’s apron in The Old Customs House.

Large garden

Huge – English – Beautiful – Flawless

Huge building with typical English architecture.

English bricks that are typical of the local buildings.

There’s nothing nicer in this city than this business.

It’s flawless, simple and simple – no flaw in beauty.

Wheelchair access

From the outside you can see a large garden. I was very impressed by the fact that they thought about it and made wheelchair access.

Menu – it was raining.

Menu displayed in style in front of the restaurant door.

Locals often go to the pub for a beer. No wonder …. Elegant interior, clean toilets, original bar and very good beer.

Nice interior

An interesting addition to beer was gin. There are about 21 types of gin for sale. It’s nice, but the price ??? GIN with tonic for about 315 CZK? The sink in the photo serves ice. Pour in and then just serve for drinks.

Gin Offer
Ice-sink and other alcohol

I really liked the huge leather armchair, which made me almost miss the bus to London.

Rugged leather armchair that fits nicely
English architecture
Oak barrel

You’re at the bar to order a beer. You walk from the bar to the chair where you sit down. It’s so soft that you close your eyes and just relax. If you have more beers, there is a danger that the bartender will wake you up.

Today he won San Miguel

Luxury and clean toilets. Just a pity that they have to climb the stairs. In the cafes, I often find myself having to go downstairs and here it is the other way around.

Quality mirror, luxury marble countertop and stylish battery

I have to say that this business is really cool. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t work out during my visit, so I couldn’t sit outside. I can imagine sitting here all evening watching the ships.

Great offer of beers
The Old Customs House and Tower – The Emirates Spinnaker Tower


  • Large garden
  • Good beer
  • Clean toilets
  • Pleasant service
  • Location by the sea
  • English style

  • Nothing negative today
There’s a lot of interesting things to see

Definitely recommend to visit

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