The Gentlemen Baristas

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Want to get coffee from professionals ??? So you’re right at this cafe.

On the way to the coffee shop I met Italian
Double espresso in take away cup

I went home like this once and came across this inconspicuous café. Since I like coffee and I enjoy very good coffee, I did not hesitate to visit The Gentlemen Baristas.

Coffee grinder by Simonelli

Already at the very entrance to the cafe I see a super coffee maker and two grinders. I ordered a double espresso. The taste was incredible, the price was unreal and everything was absolutely perfect. It wasn’t a classic bitter espresso. How did it taste? You have to judge for yourself, because each of us has different taste buds. I personally felt citrus, it was great, I really shit. The café offered pastries and every visitor could have still water.

Something small for a taste

I asked the barista girls how it is that the coffee is so good. She told me that they have coffee from a local roaster, which is one of the best in London.

World map
  • The café was clean and cozy
  • Occupied about 80%
  • Quality coffee for reasonable money
  • Super staff with smile on face
  • Additional assortment
My coffee cup and still water

I highly recommend for all of you what you want to taste really delicious coffee from professionals.

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