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Entrance to the cafe

I would say I visited the busiest cafe in London today.

The building where the café is located

I’ve been in a lot of businesses since I’ve been in London. Whether we’re talking about restaurants or cafes.


Today’s cafe is called The Gentlemen Baristas. We had the opportunity to meet this café twice. Today it is the third time. If you remember well, I rated this business as the best in London. One name, several branches, top quality everywhere.

Serial number

That was no differenteven today. Professional coffee machine on which the cups were laidright side. Several coffee grinders….

I stand in the long queue and see that one of the barists is preparing filtered coffee. I do not hesitate to order it. Prepared fresh here, so the top quality is always guaranteed.

Take away area

If anyone wouldThis cafe welcomed, the password on wifi is: ilovecoffe1

As for prices,so you have The Gentlemen Baristas the same everywhere.

So coffee from two 2- 3.5 pounds. Look, I have to say that for me really top.


My Clever Dripper was super cool and cool. It is in London that I discover how good filtered coffee is and what the magic of making coffee is. It’s really something you can’t see everywhere.

Water wall


  • Large selection of dishes
  • Top coffee machine
  • High quality coffee
  • Alternative coffee preparation
  • Fresh juice
  • Quick service
  • Large seating capacity

  • Huge door to the street – in winter cold wind blows inside the café

I recommend this business

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