The Common Espresso Bar

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I enter and hear the Spanish-speaking two girls

I smile and say Que tal? And the one says, you speak Spanish? Just a little….


Everything as it should be. I feel really good about today’s visit. I made one thing. If the owner cares for the company or at least supervises it, it is always the best combination.

Live flowers

I missed the girl. I’m telling her, I was with Jamie Oliver a few days ago. How is it that you have a more professional approach in such a small café than in a luxurious restaurant that has such a famous owner. The past review was written about it. Unfortunately, Jamie has too many restaurants. In addition, it has other activities, so it does not have the ability to control all its businesses.

Complementary sale in the form of coffee from UNION roaster

Back to today’s cafe

Suprový interiér. Junt bags and older furniture everywhere. Free water that contained strawberries and mint. In fact, a great combination. I didn’t taste anything like that anywhere in London.

Salt and sweet

What do most businesses do with used coffee? I mean, you prepare coffee and knock it out somewhere. Certainly you have all witnessed that in most cases it will tap into a container. Where does it go then? Nobody’s worried about it, so the so-called “logr” goes to the trash. I don’t know if you know, but the coffee used is very good as a fertilizer. Therefore, the lady owner collects and uses this coffee as a fertilizer.

Used coffee bags

Sweet but also salty here. Everything of course home. There is also a coffee shop. I just want to mention that the local barists say that this coffee is the best in London. It is a Union roaster.


If I should sum it up, it’s great for me. What I liked the most was the attitude and love for work.

Junt bag

Ještě jednou děkuji za úžasnou kávu

Interiér zdobí juntové pytle
Mixers and sugars for coffee – free water on the shelf
Table and my new book


  • Pretty lady who is also the owner
  • Professional approach
  • High quality coffee
  • Coffee treats
  • Interior
  • Location
  • Reasonable prices
  • WiFi
  • Water for free

  • No toilet

I recommend this business

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