The biggest misdemeanor in 2019

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Whether it is the Czech Republic or UK. Smoke everywhere …. I mean the staff. You are sitting with your mother on “Vaclavak” in one garden …. Yes, the staff smokes next to the garden. I could continue to another city, such as London.

Dirty staff

Not only dirty, but poorly dressed. By this I mean that he will come for example in a non-ironed shirt, etc.


Dirty napkins aren’t good for a very successful business


Dirty tablecloths

Reluctant staff

Very arrogant staff. I experienced arrogant staff in three countries in 2019 … No need to comment. If you don’t like the work, don’t do it. If you have a bad day, don’t go to work. You provide a service for which you want a tips, so act accordingly.

Bad product

The big bad thing is to have a million dishes on the menu. Accordingly, then it looks … Therefore, advice to all those who do business in hospitality “Less is often more”. This year I have tasted several international cuisines. And I found out that even a cook who was born in Italy cannot prepare a good pizza or lasagne.

Dirty glass and ceramics

Dirty mugs, dirty coffee saucers, felt wine glasses or even a lipstick on another glass …

Waiting for ordering, waiting for payment, waiting for food and drink

Very long waiting time to order …. As I wrote see. above. If you don’t have a day, don’t go to work. The same is true of paying and waiting for food or drink.


Beer, cocktail, wine or coffee. Always the person who prepares the drink should know what he is doing.


Cleanliness is in my opinion the most important if you do business in hospitality. I have experienced various events. From dirty kitchens to nasty looking toilets. So clean up !!!


You come to the restaurant and you see the staff being busy on the phone. I have become accustomed to this. However, what I hate completely and it happens everywhere are the phones in the back pockets.

I hope 2020 will be a little better and the restaurants will improve.

Filip Vaněk

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