The Bar With No Name – I do not recommend this business

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It was a nice chat with a young man at the bar, but unfortunately the cocktail negroni wasn’t prepared to my liking. Put ice in a whiskey glass and then put three shots there….Everyone can do it like this.

Cocktail – negroni

Recommendation: Use mixing glass

Way to the bar
Selections of beers
Menu – cocktails
P50, P60, P45


  • Pleasant staff
  • Location
  • Purity
  • High price for cocktail


  • Poorly prepared cocktail – price vs quality = 0

I do not recommend this business

2 thoughts on “The Bar With No Name – I do not recommend this business”

  1. Making a negroni in a cocktail glass or making it on the glass the cocktail is served won’t change at all the taste of the recommendation for you is, if you wanna give your feedback on cocktails you should request a signature cocktail and not a classic cocktail 😉


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