Ten Commandments

This post is also available in: Čeština (Czech)


What was the visit rate when I visited the business? Why am I interested in occupancy? When I enter the restaurant, which is empty – three waitresses are playing on the phone – serving me in ten minutes. A full restaurant, one waiter trying to serve customers as efficiently as possible and apologizing to me when his colleague is ill and he must be at work alone.


Will the attendant greet when I enter the Business? And how will he look at me?

Serving time

How long I will wait till be served? Can it happen that nobody notices me?


Putting or throwing the product on the table? Will you taste the wine? Enjoy your meal…


I wanted a steak medium, but it is well done. I had a cappuccino and burned my mouth. I got a pizza on the table that was completely burned. I got Cuba libre, but I got vodka with juice. I have experienced these extreme situations, so it is important to be able to speak when something is wrong.


Is everything okay with your food? If not, how will the operator respond? Can a chef acknowledge his mistake when making a mistake? Can the barista acknowledge the mistake of scorching my mouth because of badly whipped milk that had a temperature of 90 ° C instead of max 65 ° C.


Will any other product be offered after the meal? Dessert, coffee or digestive?


I pay 99, – but the receipt is 150, – returns me to the sum received correctly? If I don’t give tips or a tip, will they look sour and disgusted?


Will the attendant tell me goodbye, wish me a nice day or thank me for the visit?


Will the table be greasy? Lipstick on Wine Glasses? On the ceiling one spiderweb next to another? And what about the toilet? Purity can tell us a lot…