Sourced Market – Wigmore Street

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Sourced Market

Cozy cafe with a beautiful miss barista

The establishment is near Bond Street / Oxford Circus Tube Stations Underground.

This place has its charm. Located in the very center of London. It is adjacent to several historic buildings, such as the opening photo of today’s post.

Nicely written

I am served by a beautiful barista who is preparing for me the perfect espresso. The price of coffee is somewhat higher than in previous cafes. You have to pay extra for quality here. The staff explains to me that coffee comes from a local roaster, which is one of the very well-rated roasters in London.

This coffee is a super coffee

As in any better cafe, sweet pastries are offered here. It is very impressive that every business offers different products. Sweet is very expensive here. Yesterday my colleague told me why it is so expensive everywhere. This is due to the fact that it is hand-made and uses quality raw materials. I wonder what is used in the donut I buy in the store.

A piece of Brownie 105 CZK etc.
Chips rule the world

In addition to coffee, food was also offered here. The cuisine here was more healthy. That is why the café also offered vegan meals.

awful ceiling

All very well described and explained. There are no price tags. In addition, the coffee menu contains explanations for coffee beans.

All packed correctly
Menu for coffee + explanatory notes

As for coffee service, I was attracted by a wooden tray with a glass of water, teaspoon and coffee. The idea of a wooden tray super – different and tasteful.

A similar service is offered in Prague by the company: Double B Coffee & Tea – I think they serve cork drinks

The company also offers additional sales. It’s the same everywhere… Teapots, scales, grinders, coffee accessories…. Coffee caught my attention today. A bag that has about 0.5kg costs only ten pounds. Which comes to me as a popular price, because the coffee was perfect and it wasn’t overpriced.

Too bad I couldn’t take a picture of her (GDPR – Mrs. manager didn’t allow it)

There is also an outdoor awning that takes care of customer comfort. She was roasting today and the weather was very nice all day. The awning hid me in the cold and I could enjoy the coffee in the fresh air.

A place to sit

I rate the company positively, nobody pissed me off, treated me nicely and got a very good product.


  • Quality coffee
  • Pretty barista
  • Water for free
  • WC
  • Big business
  • Sitting on the street
  • Nice staff

  • Higher sweet price
  • Toilets on the ground floor – difficult for the disabled
  • Ceiling inside the company
  • Different coffee prices – inside / take away
So-called. “Ačko” in front of the company You want a good coffee – a way in this direction

I recommend this business

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