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Cappuccino with dark chocolate


I’m not a supporter of cappuccino on chocolate. However, from time to time the body will require a dose of chocolate. It was not different today.

Lunch time

Right at the checkout, when I ordered this delicious cappuccino, I was recommended a homemade burger. But I refuse because I am after eating.


In this café today I felt like everything was clean. There is no coffee left behind the bar. There are no bread crumbs on the dispenser… Tables cleaned from dirty dishes, a refrigerator supplemented and leveled.


He was sittingI’m out there and here it is very clean. There were two trees there,that matched the entrance of the cafe. Finally I visitedtoilets that were in very clean condition. Soap and papertowels were added.

WC 1
WC 2
Wash basin


  • Purity
  • Delicious cappuccino with chocolate
  • Home-made desserts + burgers, etc.

  • Sitting outside is two meters from the road

I definitely recommend a café

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