Second Shot Coffee

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Beautiful day, beautiful London.

Second Shot Coffee Cafe from the street

Today I went to a coffee shop located at Bethnal Green Tube Station.

Before you start looking at photos, I would like to mention one “drift”

The café does not have a toilet and looks in a lot of retro style. Why do I mention these two things? Every year a big coffee festival is held in London. And, as is the case, a new guide to the best cafes in London will be published every year. And Second Shot Coffee regularly appears in this café guide.

Chairs as in school

School interior … But why not. Who likes to remember school years, I certainly do.

I remember having a gym in the school where the floor wasn’t in the best condition. And again I go back to childhood.

30 years old retro floor

I don’t know how you are just reading this story today. But I once had a certificate in art education 4. Greetings to the teacher. That’s why I can’t draw to this day. This decoration you can see was created by children for special action.

Painting the wall

I liked the fact that they were offering clothing as additional sales in this business. These were sweatshirts and t-shirts with a cafe logo. Outside of clothes, things for coffee were sold here.

T-shirts + sweatshirts with logo
Additional sale

The brand name is Nuova Simonelli, Victoria Arduino and Mahlkönig.

Nuova Simonelli and Filip Vanek
Properly ground coffee is the foundation

A little mess on the coffee machine, I mean a dishcloth. Otherwise everything was well aligned. Next to the coffee machine was a rinsing nozzle I had already written about. Serves to rinse pots.

Rinse nozzle
Coffee machine

If you are hungry or hungry, there are several options to choose from. The owner was preparing fresh croissants that were filled with cheese and ham.


The choice of coffee was varied. From espresso, cappuccino, flat white to chemex. Prices were good, although it was a high quality coffee.

Coffee beans


  • Wooden bar
  • Excellent coffee
  • Professional approach
  • Additional sale
  • Something to eat
  • Original interior.

  • No toilet

I recommend

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