Scooter Cafe

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Finally, I came across someone from the Czech Republic.

Well prepared coffee

My stop today is a cafe and bar called Scooter. When you say this word, I think of two things. Motor carriage and German band. So I’m a little smarter again.

Coffee machine + grinder

But to the point of the matter. The establishment is next to Lambeth North Tube Station. We will get to this stop in the future, because I can already tell you that there are some interesting businesses I’m going to visit.

Bar stools

Retro, where you look. Coffee maker from Faema. Decoration in retro style and overall was in retro style. But I liked it very much. It was not a classic retro style as we know it from other cafes. Here the owner knew what exactly he was doing. You can see beautiful old motorbikes or very old furniture here.

Retro rules the world
Here I was sitting

Why am I saying that I was interested? It was clean here, which is very important to me. The service was friendly and the lady behind the bar was from the Czech Republic. When I enjoyed coffee, I relaxed with it. Here you will find peace and tranquility to relax.

Homemade sweet pastry

What is very good is outdoor seating. Unfortunately I didn’t shoot him because it rained a lot and I didn’t want to take pictures through the closed door.

Brand Segafredo …

As for the assortment itself, it’s great for me. Here you can enjoy a variety of beers, homemade pastries and, last but not least, excellent coffee from our own roaster, which is located near the Oval station.

Everything retro but tasteful
1 Kg of coffee for 600, –

Thank you for your well-prepared coffee.

Seating for more people


  • Nice surroundings
  • Czech lady
  • Quality coffee
  • Retro quality coffee machine
  • Atmosphere

  • Sagafredo Sign – When I sell quality coffee from my roaster, I don’t want to advertise a commercial coffee company.

I recommend this business

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