Rosslyn Coffee

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Who would expect the Black Sheep Coffee to find an even better café.

Rosslyn Coffee
Rosslyn Coffee

Yes it is. In the last review, the barista gave me a receipt for which another three top cafes wrote. He told me he was the best cafe in London. So today I said I had to find out if he was right.

Coffee – Who wants coffee – must go inside

So begins today’s story of a cafe called Rosslyn Coffee. Before I left for London, my good friend Andrew told me that the reviews had a story. Almost every time I write that it’s great to visit different businesses and always take something out of it. It always brings me something, gives me something and I love it so much.

Retro menu on the wall
Cafe in retro style
Cafe in retro style

What did Rosslyn give me? They asked me how I liked espresso. Everyone certainly knows what the tapping facility looks like. There was no beer but water. And just sparkling and still. The operator asked me what kind of water I wanted. I have probably never given sparkling water to coffee in my life, but today I do.

Tapping equipment – sparkling x still water

It is very strange that even today I will repeat myself, but even a big thing can be done out of the box. Again, a business that doesn’t look the best. Menu on the wall, cracked walls… However, it has its charm. It has a charm because there are very professional barists who offer very, very high quality coffee.

I just like it

Whoever reads my reviews on a regular basis is probably tapping his forehead and saying how it is possible to have a business that is not adapted to business. Unfortunately, I can’t answer that. I wonder how it is possible that the conditions for opening a business in the Czech Republic are very strict and that it is lighter in everything in the UK.

Complementary sales – pots, mugs and coffee

There were three girls behind the bar in the Rosslyn café, who were in charge of the customer service and the coffee machine. This coffee shop offered various goodies to coffee. It was interesting for me to mark the cups with a stamp. From the point of view of marketing, it is a great thing and it comes out cheaper than printing a cup from a company.

Home made

I have to say that a person from the Czech Republic would probably not come to this café, you have to get used to the environment that is in London and then he can visit these businesses.

Coffee – espresso

For me, the overall impression of this cafe was absolutely great. Retro style, high-quality coffee maker + grinders, water, quality coffee, high-quality barista aprons for barista.

Coffee machine
Coffee grinders

The Cafe has 173 reviews on the review – a total rating of 4.9 of 5.

Facebook profile was created 16.1. 2018 – the number of fans is now 180.

The wooden spoon – it’s a drift

I definitely recommend this business

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