Poetic Cocktail Bar Žlutá Ponorka

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Poetic Bar

It was Friday night and I went with my friends for a drink

Interior from outside

Trying to order, but unfortunately without success. The staff started telling me very unprofessionally, whether I stand elsewhere, that I cannot stand here. Next to me were two bar chairs where two men wanted to sit. They settled down and the bartender yelled at them that they couldn’t sit there. At that moment, I didn’t understand why the bar chairs were there when you couldn’t sit there.

Large selection of spirits

Good then…

Garnish – cocktails decorations

I went around the bar and ordered “Negroni” This cocktail was prepared very well. I had a total of three and all tasted the same. I asked Bartender for a few questions about the cocktail and all of them answered me.


There was finally a table next to me. I didn’t hesitate and sat down. There were more of us. Friends drank beer and so they ordered 4x draft beer from one lady. That was brought to us, and in another thirty seconds the bartender came in, arrogantly explaining that we must not order beer from a waitress and another person.

Wrong order

I did not understand…. The staff in charge of a table should know the guest’s order. If the business is unorganized, it happens that one table is served by more staff and here what happens to us.

Unfortunately, the stamp with the letter “C” – Campari – does not have a stamp with its own logo, which is a pity

I will not break down more… Just let the owner think about the staff… The bartender should be friendly and non-conflicting and must have some manners.

Wooden beams that decorate the bar

The last thing I would like to write is that the same owner has another club called Paradox. Here are the bartenders on a slightly different level….

Jack at Paradox, prepared by bartender Eda

After a terrible experience at the Poetic Bar, I also visited the famous Paradox.

Thank you bartender Eda, who greeted me decently, prepared me mine favorite drink and I was happy. I had the opportunity watch him while working. Smiling, friendly and attentive bartender. There was a very tense guy at the bar that Eda had served clean water to make me better. The same is true of one Miss, who also refilled water from the bottle. That is exactly what he shouldlook service.

I rate this business neutral, maybe it will improve once and I will see bartenders with a better mood.

Poetic bar


  • Interior
  • Large selection of spirits
  • Professionally dressed staff
  • Very well mixed cocktail
  • Clean toilets
  • Location near the square

  • Arrogant and very unprofessional staff
  • Crowded bar

I rate neutral

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