Pizza Da Valter

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That’s when you go out of coffee and come across a super pizzeria on the way

Menu – wine

Yes super pizzeria. Not like those from previous reviews.


You will come, greet you nicely. And within a minute you get a menu. The lady came to order me and told me if I could show her the pizza that she was new at work. I say yes, of course. She was very likeable and it was obvious she enjoyed the job. I ordered water and pizza.

Clean and polished cutlery
Filtered water

The resulting pizza was very good and used high quality ingredients. From Parma ham to quality olive oil.

Lighting from pipes

As for service, so it was at a very good level. I was served by a lady who after two minutes came to ask me if everything was all right. Of course yes…. After a while I saw that the girl was saying goodbye to the staff and was replaced by a young man who was in charge of me.

TOP led lighting combined with brick wall

And it’s over pizza … Now just the bill. The service charge was not charged to the account and therefore I gave a tip.


I would recommend this restaurant to all men who want to invite their girlfriend to delicious Italian cuisine. In addition to pizza, there is a very nice selection of pastes. Next to me sat a young man, who was taking some seafood paste. Even this dish looked very good.

Pizza oven

The last thing I want to write is an interior. Typical English bricks everywhere. Italian paintings and shelves with red wine. Modern pizza oven and nice table setting.


For service and quality porkm I must say that I definitely recommend this restaurant.

Quality coffee machine
Machine for almost 300 thousand CZK

Last attraction: The restaurant is only open for five weeks


  • Purity
  • Nice interior
  • WC
  • Water for free
  • Large selection from the menu
  • Friendly staff
  • Location close to tube
  • Quality of raw materials
  • Chefs dressed in cook clothes

  • Today I didn´t find nothing negative

I recommend this business

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