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A cafe that made me meet a person I just had correspondence with for 4 years.

Whenever I leave, I try to use it to the maximum. I have visited Trafalgar Square several times in the past, one of the biggest landmarks in London. It was no different today. This establishment is about 3 minutes’ walk from Trafalgar Square.

Around this café I went in the past twice and always had a lot. So I always said I’d leave it for another time. However, today I saw that the coffee bar was empty.

Café Notes
Café Notes

I wanted to visit this business because it looks like a super café offering super coffee. I ordered Flat White. When ordering me something says Miss, who was behind the counter. I thought I’d talk to you in London, but unfortunately … Miss asks me if I have coffee here or with myself. I’m answering for coffee in the cafe. Miss gives me a mid-sized coffee bag – inside a bag of coffee beans – on bag number 9, numbers nine I noticed at the table. I’m telling her I don’t want coffee beans that I’m not interested in this product. Miss arrogantly says that I don’t understand. I told her I didn’t understand. To get to a conclusion, Miss gave me a bag of coffee – No. 9, to put it on the table so the staff knew where I was sitting.

I met it in Fast Foods, but never in a restaurant or cafe… I asked experienced gastronomers on this subject, and neither did they believe that this was happening.

Coffee bag number 9
Coffee bag number 9

After 4 minutes, I got coffee. Picture super, temperature ok. However, it was not my taste.

I rate it positively, despite the fact that I didn’t like the coffee too much. I understand that working in such a busy café is not the right nut for employees, but they should behave more polite.

Flat White - Latte art
Flat White – Latte art

And this whole story ends by drinking coffee and watching FB. I see Gabca is online now. Gabča added a photo from Oxford Street, which was a short distance from where I was. And who is Gabča? Gabča once recommended the Bar Institute, where I was educated. He is a super man who can help and help even when you are on the other side of the world. After 4 years of writing, we finally got to know each other.

I do not recommend

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