MW Buffet

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There is another Chinese buffet right in central London

MW Bufett

I would like to start by saying that this is the best buffet I have ever had in London.

Chicken, pork, beef, duck
Chinese dishes

Today’s visit was with a colleague from work who was not yet in any Chinese buffet. His reaction was also very positive.

Shrimps, duck …
Side order
Rice with shrimps

Cost is based on £ 11 per person. What does a buffet mean? Large selection of meat, sauces and vegetables. Eat as long as you can… Today he wasn’t very hungry, so I only served a plate twice I was surprised to see shrimps that were well prepared.

Salad bar

Drinks here for about two pounds. Seating for about 70 people.

Set table

I will not list everything here, but the choice was from chicken to beef to duck. Several types of rice … There was also a vegetable bar.

WC 1
WC 2
WC 3

The funny thing was that after the first plate I went up again to get another one and the lady told me to give her the used plate to give me a new one. I told her that I was working in a restaurant and that I didn’t want to give them too much work. The lady began to laugh immediately.

First plate
Second plate


  • Cheap buffet
  • Great choice
  • Location
  • Purity
  • Service

  • The staff could be more professional
  • Payment by cash only
  • Table set without a knife

I recommend this business

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