Kowloon Restaurant – Chinatown

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First of all, I would like to say that internet reviews are not always true.

Kowloon restaurant

Today, I rate a restaurant located in Chinatown. In the past I visited this neighborhood and was pleasantly surprised. This restaurant only rated 2.9 out of 5 – Google. com

A plate full of goodies

I started to like restaurants where you can eat into a burst. It’s not because I want to crack, but because I want to taste everything the restaurant has to offer.


I’ll open the door and wait for someone to see me. The lady came running and went to show me the tables. I’m telling her I don’t care what desk she chooses. I said I’d be alone and want one coca-co.

Side dishes + sauces

The lady brought me a bill of 13 pounds. As it is a buffet restaurant, it is paid immediately. I got a plate and went to pick.

Vegetables, noodles, rice, mushrooms …

Chinese dishes are typical in that every meal is a mix of ingredients. It wasn’t the same in this restaurant. Chicken in sweet sauce, duck in vegetables, chicken drumsticks … I saw something special and so I tasted it. Chicken meat coated in breadcrumbs. It tasted very much like our chicken cutlets.

First gastro container – cutlets

I would appreciate the buffet restaurant. You can eat as long as you want and taste everything. The fact that you can be here for an hour is fine, because you can plan what you visit when you eat.


Compared to the previous visit, there is a price difference in drinking. Last time I paid for Coca-Cola 2.5 and in today’s business only 1.5. I’m talking about 0.33l in a can.

Chicken, pork, duck …
Everyone chooses here

Clean environment, friendly service, super food and atmosphere as in Japan. After tasting the noodles, I returned 20 years back to my youth when I visited Japan. You can taste Asian dishes everywhere, but this was really great.


I recommend this business

Take Away box 210 Kč = Get what you want in one box Payments only in cash

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