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The feeling of writing a review and seeing you were in a business that was only open for three weeks.

Café from the street

I would recommend to everyone a similar blog to my. I know I’m not a good writer, but I’m trying to communicate my feelings when I visit different businesses.

Donuts and other goodies for coffee

Thanks to what I do, I meet so many new people from all over the world.

Carrot cakes is very popular in London

I’ve never been to one part of London so I thought I had to visit her. It was King’s Cross Underground Station. There’s one in central London, but I’ve never visited it so I thought I had to try it. So I went to this place. Outside was not very nice and so my mood wasn’t much. Then you say that you don’t even want to visit.

Supplementary sale – soft drinks + salads

I got out and started in some direction. All fast food, supermarkets…. Nothing that interests me.


Way back, but another way. On the way back, I see an interesting café, but it was full. I continued. When about 5 min I saw another. She was inconspicuous. An old style that I never liked in the past.

Retro grinder – decoration

Only here in London did I change my mind about this style. Now I don’t care if the cafe is crumbling or has crystal chandeliers. Now I know it’s not all about the visual aspect of the business, but about the overall impression.

There is a big thing that can be done from the flop, which can be successful. You just have to know how to do it.

retro style – on shelf (tea + chai latte)

So what happened to me today? NO – an ordinary cafe. I’ve never met such a friendly approach. The guys asked me to order. Espresso won. However, espresso has changed my life. It is said that one has to drink to wine. It’s not the same with coffee. Today’s coffee belongs to the top 3 coffee I’ve ever drank in my life.

Espresso + water for free

After I paid, I asked politely if I could take a few pictures. And then it started… Guys asked about my blog. They were terribly surprised that this was still being written. Boys offered me free coffee for water. When I left, I thanked and said that I had no better coffee. They thanked and one of them wrote to me three more cafes to visit in London. He told me that in his opinion they were the best cafes in London. I thanked and left. Suddenly one of the young men calls me and gives me a card. I ask what’s going on. It explains to me that every 9 coffee is free. He put a card on the counter, gave me an 8x stamp on it and said he hoped to see you soon. This is a hell of a good approach.

Coffee machine – La Marzocco

Now I have written this review and I am looking for a Google address for this cafe. There is no coffee shop on Google Maps. I look at FB pages and find out that the guys opened on March 23, 2019. Good luck and success in the future.

Cafe in retro style – flowers in the air
8 times stamp and next time I have free coffee + receipt with next inspiration next time

I recommend the café with all ten fingers

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