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Jdem Tam bistro

The second holiday day this time in České Budějovice


I have a little time, so I think that I have to visit one place that I have been watching on Facebook for almost two years. He has excellent marketing on social networks. Various videos, professional photos… I have already said that they are probably doing it well and that they are doing it.

The interior of the bistro is very varied

Entering inside. Nothing for a moment because the lady who served me was in the kitchen. She greeted me and smiled nicely. So now I have a better day.

Offer vouchers

Please Flat White. Unfortunately, they don’t have a coffee machine, so I have a freshly filtered coffee that was very tasty. I have an unconventional combination with coffee. Goulash… Not funny. It was a freshly baked Quiche – Kišh in Czech.


the staff asked me if I wanted to warm it up a bit. Of course yes, because I always like everything warm. Even my grandmother’s cake sometimes warm up…

Plants everywhere

However, I ask the lady who made it. She told me her colleague. I’m telling her to praise him for being great.

Even on the ceiling grow

I was a little sorry that I couldn’t sit down at the table.

Filter coffee

It was hot outside and inside it was no different. On the contrary. There was a fan that was unfortunately turned off.


If I should summarize it, so for me certainly a great business, which is seen that the owners are dedicated. In the future, I would recommend doing another business, because you have the experience. A larger business with a seating would not be the case.

Cink cink

I wish good luck and happiness in business.

Bar nearby – everywhere is clean


  • Nice service
  • Excellent product
  • coffee
  • Interior
  • Location

  • Filtered coffee only – no coffee machine
  • There is no air conditioning – in summer you need air conditioning
  • There is not much seating

I recommend this business

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