Hej Coffee

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Here, coffee is prepared with love

One rushes to a new job….

This is when you have ten minutes and the restaurant you are going to try is two minutes away from this pretty café.

Coffee treats

The first thing I see are all goodies. Cakes, Croissants and donuts. The boys were harvesting it all, so I was lucky to have coffee.


Now I know that the London roaster is part of this café.

Nice cups for coffee

I had the privilege of seeing the guys prepare the cappuccino and go for it. It was seen that they were doing it with joy and love for coffee.

Brownie + bread

Prices are reasonable here. Do you want a different coffee than a coffee machine? Aeropress or chemex is a matter of course. Are you hot? Have a Cold Coffee.

Menu + coffee machine

The seating capacity is approximately 20 people. At the time of my visit, the café was almost empty as they closed in five minutes.

Where to find us?

Barists work with a professional coffee maker and a grinder. Supplementary sales dominate the room, which you will not miss.

coffee, books, grinders, teapots …

If you have a trip around this business in the morning, do not hesitate to have breakfast. The choice is varied.

Breakfast menu

The overall impression is good. I’m just sorry I couldn’t spend more time here. Thanks for the great coffee and friendly approach.

Rich additional sales


  • Very rich additional sales
  • Three sizes of cups – nice logo
  • High quality coffee
  • Breakfast

  • No toilet

I recommend this business

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