Havelská Koruna

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Dining room where they cook well

I came fromLondon and I got a taste for some classic Czech food.Since I work with the google map application, so I think by thisthe app just searched this pub.

Food good, but it was probably at all….

I understand that it is a dining room where you get a tray to go to the window where you have to say what do you want to eat. However, even the staff who issued it would could be a little more pleasant.

Roast sirloin in sour cream sauce with dumplings was very well cooked. Bread dumplings were really bread and they were fresh and fluffy.

The potato soup was also delicious. Beer was not bad, but it was not the best.


  • Excellent food
  • Very cheap food
  • Location – City centre

  • The staff could be a little more pleasant

I recommend this business

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