Habibi Shisha

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Archway is where today’s restaurant is located


A cozy restaurant serving pizza and paste preparation is located near the tube station.

Menu – drinks
Ordering system

I walk into the restaurant and a waiter runs to me, who then offers me whether I want to sit in the garden. Of course yes, because today in London is around 33 ° C. At the table I find a rack that shows a menu of drinks. I was immediately struck by the buttons on this stand. The buttons were: Order, Water, Service, Account and Cancellation. I tried to press the water button and the waiter came running and asked me what to have. I thought it would bring me the water … So the system probably doesn’t respond well.

Palm trees everywhere

Carbonara pasta was my order and of course a mug of water. After a while, the pasta was brought to me. The waiter came back in ten seconds and began to wash the fresh pepper for me and sprinkle it with fresh parmesan. The very taste of the pasta was very good until I was surprised. I don’t know if it was the atmosphere, but they tasted great.

Pasta before
Paste with pepper and other parmesan
Like the sea
Rattan seating

It is ready for passionate smokersa shisha lounge where you can enjoy a hookah.


As for the atmosphere itself, the best restaurant with garden, where I have been. You can choose to sit in the sun or in the shade. Nice wind blows here. There is also a garden cascade with a waterfall.

Call the waiter
Garden pond with waterfall

All this ends with a decoration consisting of several palm trees. They are, of course, alive.

WC 1
WC 2
WC 3
The bill


  • Delicious pasta
  • Pleasant service
  • Affordable restaurant
  • Large garden – all the palm trees
  • Pleasant music
  • Atmosphere

Wrong written cappuccino in menu

I recommend this business

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