Guy Gold Coffee Bar & Treatment Rooms

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Outdoor seating

But only for a moment, because the nice lady will be very soon and she is traveling. I found this business in a book I mentioned last time. It’s a London guide to local cafes.

Salt and sweet

I enter … I choose…. And I say it’s hot outside. It was already clear to me that the lady must be with the Czech Republic. An impressive story that captivated me. Miss is in London for about 3 years and during that time she learned almost everything about coffee. How did she learn to paint in cappuccino? She looked at youtube, where she saw a few videos and learned it over time.

Indoor seating

It was such a nice conversation that I forgot to take a picture of this beautiful tulip. And maybe we’ll have a good coffee together …

Even for vegans there is something to eat here

To get to the cafe itself, it was very clean and there was a great coffee at a fair price. Miss tells me that there are countless coffees here in the morning. Therefore, even today I am convinced that even quantity can be done well.

Large selection of soft drinks


  • Pretty and nice lady from the Czech Republic
  • Professional approach
  • Quality coffee
  • Latte art on top
  • Outdoor seating
  • Water for free

  • Small seating capacity
  • Wifi and toilets are missing

I recommend this business

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