Gourmet Burger Kitchen – not recommended

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I definitely do not recommend this Business !!! Why???

f you order a steak for 500, – and the waiter or waitress will bring it to you as black a shoe, you will certainly not eat it.

1kg sirloin for 23£ X 1kg super coffee for 41£

I don’t even know where to start….

It was Monday and I ended up at about 15:00. I was hungry, so I told myself that I would get somewhere on the metro and try to find some good business. I got off at Clapham North, where we already have one review.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

I’m going down the street…. One pub – the second – the third – and so I say, I have to visit one. And also, yes. I see a beautiful yellow sign with a restaurant logo. I looked inside and decided to stay. The interior was very cozy and nice. Tables laid out and clean. I ordered coffee first.

As is well known, everything is paid almost everywhere in the UK right at the counter. I paid and waited to get my coffee.

I must make it clear that there was no one in the restaurant. Behind the bar was one waiter and another boy who was learning. What else can I write about…. Coffee was brought to me after 6 minutes. Tasteless coffee without foam….

Flat white – no comment

I tasted the coffee and burned my tongue – yeah, that ten commandents.

And what was next? I said good bye, have a lovely day and it was done. So? I went to the restaurant to eat, but because I had burned my tongue before, taste went out for me.

Now you are probably asking why I wrote in the introduction coffee for x £ and sirloin for x £

From 1kg of coffee prepare (100 – 130 coffees) from 1 kg of sirloin prepare 3 – 4 portions of steaks.

Coffee costs 1,7 £ in the Czech Republic – serving a steak in a restaurant 17£.

Now tell yourself how much you drink coffee in a restaurant or cafe a month and how many times you go for a month for steak for 17£..

I’m trying to say one thing. Coffee is a commodity that should be handled according to certain standards and rules. I have visited many cafes and roasters and will tell you everywhere that roasted coffee is bad coffee. And the same can be said when coffee is prepared in the wrong way.

Once a wise man told me that even badly prepared coffee should be complaint.


I do not recommend

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