Gordon-Ramsay-Street-Pizza-I do not recommend this business

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Pizza Pepperoni

Famous chef who has several restaurants across the London…

pizza margherita

Lunch with one colleague. I was working with him in the same company a few years ago.

Pizza with Chorizo and chicken + coriander

We will enter the restaurant, where we will be taken by a waiter who has seated us at a table by the window. Then the concept of a restaurant was explained that you pay £ 15 and have unlimited pizzas. The choice is five types each day and the sixth is the pizza of the day.

Pizza for vegetarians

So the food was explained. What about drinking? You can choose soft drinks or beer and wine. We chose unlimited soft drinks. The price was 3.5 pounds, which seems like a nice price.

Pizza of the day

My colleague got a glass that was also broken.

Coca – cola

Sonow some positive…

Pizza wasn’t bad at all. There were very interesting combinations, but I would rate it as an average.


What about drinking service, so I was disgusted with it…

Picture see. Lemon…. Almost everywhere in the world, the sides of the lemon are cut.

Rotten lime

The top of everything was when my second coca cola brought me a lime that was rotten, my colleague got the same thing…

Way to WC

The last point is the toilets which, in my opinion, could be checked more frequently. The staff was enough in the restaurant, so there is no problem every fifteen minutes to go to the toilets and check that they are clean. According to the photo, you can see that someone left there toilet paper, which rolled on a cutting board.

WC 1
WC 2
WC 3
Checking the toilet could be more frequent

Summary? Cracked glass, rotten lime, lemon see photo, average pizza and toilets…..


I do not recommend this business !!!!

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