Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill

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Marriott Hotel – entrance to the restaurant

Today’s stop Gordon Ramsay – Bar and Grill


The restaurant is located in the Marriott Hotel, where there are even two restaurants that belong to Gordon Ramsay.

Seasonal menu

I had lunch for 12 o’clock. Right at the entrance the staff took off my jacket, which surprised me and was delighted.

Interior with bar

Miss manager seated me at the table and asked me what water to take. With the water was brought a menu from which I chose.


Since I had checked the menu on the internet beforehand, I knew there was an autumn menu. Therefore, I did not hesitate to ask the waitress if this menu offers. It was brought to me immediately. Then I choose.

Set table

It was hard to choose because everything on the menu was great…

Selection of wines

Well … I don’t often eat soups, so I have tomato soup.

Bread with butter

Appetizer: Tomato soup

Tomato soup

Tomato soupit was very flavored. It was neither sour nor too sweet. It wasjust right. To the soup I got fresh bread thatit was really fresh – crunching. There was also butter thatI smeared on the bread.

Main course: Truffle gnocchi with spinach and walnuts.

Truffle gnocchi with spinach and walnuts

Well, I can tell youAfter the soup I was almost not hungry. What I wasbrought after the soup, I couldn’t eat that in my life. Bigserving – as for two people. To the very taste of this dish, I would saythat it all played. It was a very interesting combination. the walnuts are gathering in the fall, now the truffle season… So really, someone is thinking about cooking. I have to say that it was really cool and I am glad that I chose this dish.

Dessert: Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate Brownie

Supple, super,top, wow….

I don’t know how else I could better describe it. Brownie was really well prepared, not sweet. It was all complemented with homemade ice cream.

My comment today:


Overall impresion:

Great, I enjoyed this lunch a lot. The environment was cozy and I felt at home here.


The service was very attentive and pleasant. However, one thing I would write as a negative. It’s something I really hate. Phones, receipts and other things in your back pocket.

Video 2


  • Location
  • Price
  • Great choice
  • Cocktail bar
  • Purity

  • Staff wear receipts, phones… In the back pocket

I recommend this business

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