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In a nutshell….

The waiter offered to have an event on Tuesday for a selected drink, see photo. Two cocktails for the price of one. So I paid 12 euros for two cocktails, which is a relatively cool price for Dublin.

So I choose Old Fashioned. Never more…. I’m not going to talk about how I was drinking ready because it was appalling… But what made me very amused, so when I said I wanted Old Fashioned, then me the bartender said he had to give me both cocktails at the same time. He said I’m that I don’t want it and that I’m leaving. He told me he was terrible busy, but that suits me. Super….

Noooo…. Then he prepared both drinks for me at the same time. One to me served and put the other in the fridge….

No comment… Never more


  • Clean toilets
  • Location


  • Terrible bartenders approach
  • High prices
  • Terrible cocktail – the second one was taken out of the fridge …

I do not recommend this business

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