Esca – !!! I do not recommend this business !!!

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Flat White

Pleasant café where you sit well … But that’s it …

Dirty coffee cup

If I had tea instead of coffee, I would have done better.

Freshly baked

The coffee machine was very dirty, the coffee was poorly prepared and the milk jug was disgustingly dirty.

Pecan Pie…

It’s a shame, because the café is huge. It is something between a café and a restaurant, because there is a large selection of dishes.

Interior 2

However hello, get up … If you have perfect products, everything must be perfect. If you have super food, super sweet and savory pastries, the coffee must be super and you sell at least 200 per day. Coffee is consumed and staff should behave accordingly.


I was very impressed by the business, I liked it very much, but I was really disgusted with the way the coffee was made.


In addition, I got a dirty cup, the gentleman beside me also… So no comment….


Therefore, I must say that I can not recommend this business, which I am very sorry.


What is positive for this café is that I hope to read this article and I will be back here in a few months. Until then, learn to take care of the coffee machine…



  • Home cooking
  • Large selection of sweet pastries
  • Wine selection
  • Open kitchen
  • Interior
  • Location
  • Very good coffee machine

  • Poorly prepared coffee
  • Dirty coffee machine
  • Dirty milk jug – disgusting and dangerous in hygiene …

I do not recommend this business

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