Cricks Corner – I do not recommend this business !!!

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I came, saw and left….

Coffee without crema

This is how I would describe today’s café. The place I was sitting in was in front of the bar where the dishes were prepared. Terrible smell from the grill. Terrible heat… The only thing that improved my mood was water.


In this café you can contribute to the homeless thanks to the contactless payment.

This catlery?

As for desserts, there were really a few. The last thing you can buy here is chilled soft drinks.

Waste bins?

The interior itself? Let’s not…. Nothing extra why I should go back to this cafe.

The bar is built from some scaffolding and cheap chipboard.


  • Water for free
  • Different types of teas

  • Terrible heat – the possibility of solving fans or mobile air conditioning
  • Terrible coffee – no crema
  • Location
  • Rotten mint in water

I do not recommend this business !!!

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