Corleone – Italian Restaurant -I don´t recommend

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Restaurant corridor

An Italian restaurant is located next to Colliers Wood Tube Station – South London.

This restaurant was recommended to me by Google as a very good restaurant. I had a taste for pizza and good beer. So I did not hesitate and went to Corleone.

set table for reservation

Upon entering the restaurant, the waitress noticed me immediately. She came to me and I asked her if I could get a table. I was quite surprised that Miss went to settle me. In the aftermath I got a menu that I read and chose.

A set table – that plastic rose?

For a while, the lady came to ask me what to do. I like pizza, so a clear choice for this delicious dish. The reason I also ordered a pizza was because the pizza was made in a kiln where wood was used. And drink? Beer of course.

Beer from Wimbledon Brewery

After 10 minutes I got a pizza quattro stagioni – salami, cheese, ham, mushrooms. Since I visited a lot of pizzerias in my life, I know that pizza is mainly about quality ingredients.

Pizza Quattro Stagioni

Unfortunately in this case ordinary cheese, classic spicy salami and plain ham. Classic mushrooms that are the same everywhere. I was very disappointed with the money. Average pizza, it was not burnt, it did not contain spoiled ingredients, but I am on my ass you really didn’t like it.

Since I was alone, I only tasted pizza. The restaurant also offers pasta and special offers on weekends.

Raw materials

The staff will settle for you, wish you a good taste and in two minutes from your meal, the staff will ask you if everything is OK.

Fresh raw materials

When I paid and left, I asked the pizza maker if I could take some photos of the pizza oven and he did. He immediately started asking where I was from. I told him I was from the Czech Republic. When I opened the front door, a waitress came to me and says why you spoke to me in English, I’m also from the Czech Republic and I speak the same language as you. It was very funny.

Pizza oven in action

Beer + pizza quattro stagioni – equal to 510 CZK.

The bill

I do not recommend the restaurant !!!

Pizza oven

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