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The second business I visited in Dublin. The cafe that has inside and also own mini roaster. Here is roasted coffee that is here he prepares or sells in various packages.

Table – coffee beans

Roaster inside cafes? Good idea, but it has to be approached with humility. Because today I got filtered coffee, which was quite expensive – 4 Euros. One cup, a man is expecting something for the money a little more… I got ordinary coffee that didn’t taste somehow very well.


Outside coffee here It also offers smoothies, fresh juices or some snacks to coffee.


Recommendation: You do the job well, but it still wants to work a little bit. Try not to give guests dirty spoons….

I received this


  • Very nice tables decorated with coffee beans
  • Coffee machine La Marzocco
  • Own roastery
  • Location

  • Coffee – horrible + there was some dirt inside the coffee like that on a spoon
  • Interior
  • Dirt on a spoon

I do not recommend this business !!!

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