Chill #08

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Outdoor sign

I deliberately chose this café based on maps from Google. She ran to me as the best café in the area so I didn’t hesitate to visit her.


In the past, we had the opportunity to see a café, which was located in the shop with cycling needs.

Brand saucers

Today it was no different. Nice cozy cafe, located right in the Ibis hotel


I have to say that I could sit here all day … There was a beautiful interior, nice staff that can conjure up a smile on your face. But what really impressed me when I wrote this article was that there was a really nice music. At that moment, I realized how important music was to make you feel good somewhere. I usually meet businesses where they don’t even have a radio to play music on.


Three aspects played an important role in the interior. 1. The wall, which was made of red brick – on the other side of the wall was decorated with wood paneling. I don’t know if it was real wood or some imitation, but it looked very good. 2. Lighting that fits very well with the brick wall. The third and last thing was modern furniture. Leather couches and armchairs that perfectly match the interior.

Wood paneling + lighting


  • Top coffee
  • Coffee machine
  • Draft beer
  • Large selection of sweet
  • Pizza
  • Top Top interior
  • Purity
  • Coffee mugs

  • Interior great, but not covered ceiling and everything is visible air conditioning

I recommend this business

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