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The London Coffee Guide

So finally I have a book that will inspire my visits for a long time

Caya café

This is a book that guides independent cafés in London. I use it immediately and head for Brixton, where there is today’s café.

Flat White

When you arrive at the door you can see nice and nice service that will make your day more pleasant. Retro style like in other cafes. This was a bit different because she had a special corner. Workspace – or a corner where you can sit and work. It’s a good idea for people who need a lot of coffee and peace of mind when working on a laptop. Interestingly, you pay two pounds per hour and have unlimited coffee and tea. Price per week, month can be seen in the photo.


I ordered my favorite Flat White coffee, which was very well prepared. Prices are reasonable and comparable with other London businesses.

Menu – Food
Menu – drinks

At the time of my visit, it was quite busy. People visited this place mainly because of good food and workspace.

WC 1
WC 2

As for the coffee itself, it comes with the London roasters Ozone coffee roastery. In the past I had the opportunity to work with this coffee and I must say that it is not the worst. It’s such a center. It is a fairly large roaster that supplies coffee to many businesses throughout London.

Pastries 2
Pastries 3

The overall impression of this cafe was very positive. It was clean, both on the floor and on the toilets. The staff was friendly and friendly.

Menu – drinks
Coffee machine, grinder

What impressed me was the toilet door sign. Toilets are for customers only, if you are not a customer, you can become a customer for one pound. This means that you can use a toilet per pound. It’s very well written. Many entrepreneurs who run restaurants and other businesses very often complain about the subject.



  • There are ecologically degradable packaging here
  • Well prepared coffee
  • Reasonable prices
  • Nice service
  • Purity
  • Wide range of products
  • Water for free

  • Dirty walls and toilet doors
  • Cobwebs

I recommend this business

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