Caffetteria Torino-I do not recommend this business !!!

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After an unsuccessful lunch at Café Imperiál we decided to visit one more restaurant. We had no choice. That’s just when you go and tell yourself that you just want to sit down and have something small to eat right now.

Pislner Urquell

Beer Pilsen OK…


Small and large beer that was relatively well draft. What else? Of course pizza. Crispy dough, sweet base and real Parma with Mozzarella.

Quality pizza

I could say that I would evaluate the pizza negatively because of the unprofessional behavior of the staff, but there is no reason to do so. The product was fine and I enjoyed it.

Interior 2

Waiter who goes smoking in front of the restaurant ??? It seems to me exaggerated, he can go somewhere around the corner and not show up in business clothes in front of guests while smoking a cigarette.

The way to the toilet

Paying disaster !!! One wants to pay, but no one wants to come to collect the bill So I wouldn’t be surprised if the waiters happened to be left without paying.

WC 1
WC 2
WC 3
WC 4
WC 5

Beer and pizza was the only thing that was great. So the bottom line – only the product was fine today. Service terrible and the interior somehow did not impress me – except nice toilets.

Outdoor enterprise


  • Well prepared pizza
  • Location
  • Luxury toilets

  • Unprofessional staff
  • Terrible service

I do not recommend this business !!!

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