Bar Termini

This post is also available in: Čeština (Czech)

What disappointed me was that Negroni was poured into my glass… It was prepared by Negroni in a bottle. No preparation to see how the bartenders prepare the drink…. Which is a terrible shame for me.


I have to say that there are very professional bartenders who greet them on arrival, and also when they leave. When you order a drink, they come to ask if you like the drink, which I was very pleased with. You can usually find it in restaurants, but no one asks for drinks….

Interestingly: This was the fifth best bar in the world – it was 2018.

Year 2019 – Unfortunately, this business did not even get into the first fifty.



  • Variations of Negroni
  • Friendly staff
  • Location
  • Nicely dressed staff
  • Purity
  • Relaxed jazz music played here

  • Few seats
  • Prepared cocktail in bottles
  • Very dark place – You want to sleep here….
  • Spilled cocktail – pour one hundred percent cocktail on the table

I recommend this place for very decent behavior of bartenders

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