River Bar

I only had two beers at this restaurant. Everything was alright. Nice service. Location by the river, I had no problem here + Affordable prices Large selections of beers Location Purity Watch live matches on a large TV – nothing I recommend this business

Brother Hubbard (South)

A nice café where you can enjoy a morning toast with a well-prepared coffee. Prices? Acceptable, I paid 10 Euros for coffee and toast, which is very good for Dublin. + Pleasant environment Very good toast Well prepared coffee Prices Pleasant music – Servicing of cutlery in a can box I recommend this business

Vintage Cocktail Club

Probably the best cocktail bar in Dublin. However, waiting time is terrible…. You can wait for twenty minutes for a cocktail. It was unfortunately due to the fact that there was one bartender who was on everything alone. Cocktail menu is very perfect fancy and I really liked it. There are historical cocktails that have … Read review

The Liquor Rooms

Finally, the enterprise, where I liked my favorite Negroni cocktail. A nice bartender who could give advice and knew exactly what he was doing. Since it is a very popular bar, I would recommend using a large ice cube and stamp it. Cocktail would immediately get to another level. + Sympathetic miss staff on service … Read review

Bear Market Coffee

High quality coffee that you get from a professional staff, who prepares it with a smile on your face. For aproach I have to say – well done…. These days we see only poisoned staff who goes to work because he has to…. You can have something to eat with coffee… Beautiful desserts…. + Very … Read review

Market Bar – I do not recommend this business

Huge restaurant that is divided into lower (larger) and upper (smaller) parts. I must say that for me a great disappointment. I ordered skewers and got chorizo with chicken…. No great gastronomy took place here. On the arrival of very dirty cutlery… Horror…. I don’t want to comment on it more. + Location Clean toilets … Read review