Roasting Plant Coffee

A café with an automatic coffee roast is located by the famous London Bridge. A strange sound was heard as I entered the café. I watched from where it went and it was from an automatic coffee roaster, which this cafe has only a month. It is a fully automatic coffee roasting system. On the … Read review

Borough Market

You can find out what it is and how it looks in today’s review. Everything started when I had a job interview at a fish restaurant. I took a subway line, reached Tower Bridge and walked from the famous bridge to the Borough Market. Well he went…. I tried to get there, but it was … Read review

Bliss Cafe

The story of this coffee shop started one beautiful day when I decided to visit tennis courts at Wimbledon. It was Monday and I didn’t finally have to work. I got out of bed and told myself what to do. In the introduction I wrote that it was a beautiful day, but as it is … Read review