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Flat white, which tasted like nuts

Flat White

I don’t know what it is, but the operator always smiles at me. I’m so glad they love the job because it will improve everyone’s day. I order Flat White, which was perfectly prepared. Of course, coffee includes water that has been served with fresh mint. Certainly you remember those terrible heats that were all over Europe. Here they are perfectly solved. There are two entrances that are open + there are three large ceiling fans. It was very nice and nice to sit here.

Coffee machine Victoria Arduino – Black Eagle

Behind the counter are three pretty and very friendly barista who really knows how to make delicious coffee. To make coffee here, there were top Victoria Arduino grinders and the same brand coffee maker Black Eagle.

Coffee grinders Victoria Arduino

As it is a very popular and well-rated coffee shop, there are daily fresh cakes and pastries, because without it it would not be a cafe.

Everything perfectly aligned

And in the end, I would like to say that I thank the girls for the excellent coffee. You can not always see the friendly staff who knows what he is doing and have professional baristic aprons. I mean, there’s a professional approach to work here.

Friendly attitude to guests
Coffee cups – here on sale
Menu + interior


  • Excellent coffee
  • Nice service
  • Location
  • Interior
  • Professional grinder + coffee machine
  • Mirror wall behind the bar

  • Dirty shop window

I recommend this business

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