Ambassador Zlata Husa hotel

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Unesco listed hotel

Menu – coffee

Well… We will not rate the hotel today, but we will evaluate the restaurant.

Selection of wines

We have about an hour and a half to our departure from Prague and we were on Vaclavské Square. We go by the Golden Goose and my mom tells me it’s a famous and renowned event.


Why not try. Pilsen and “homemade lemonade” waiter warned us that it is prepared from monin and there is lemon. Better to tell the truth than to lie. I praise the waiter for that. Mom asked about homemade lemonade and he warned us that it was not typically homemade, but that they were adding Monin syrup.

mom with lemonade

Pilsen was drafted very well. Without bubbles and beer temperature was also fine.

Seating in restaurant

What pleased me most was the waiter, who was very nice. The best waiter from our gastro trip around Prague.

Dirty toilet brush
Toilets clean
The bill


  • Location – Vaclavské Square
  • Product
  • Behavior and approach to the work of an elderly waiter
  • Clean toilets
  • Interior

  • For someone it may be higher prices

I recommend this business

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