7 oZ Coffee

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On the way to the cafe
On the way to the cafe

Another business at Clapham North

7 oZ Coffee from the street
7 oZ Coffee from the street

Now you have two options. Go for a beer or a coffee.

View from the cafe on the subway station
View from the cafe on the subway station

The review of today’s business is back by the subway. Just like Clapham North, this café is about 50 meters from the Tube.


The worse it looks, the better it tastes. If you step out of the subway and get out and see this cafe suddenly, you will not visit it. Looks awful. It also has a front garden that repels to visit.

Withered flowers - about retro style
Withered flowers – about retro style …

When I came in, the owner of the cafe who was working here greeted me myself. He asked me what I wanted. From a distance, I knew it was not a typical English café. Therefore, my order was clear. As always espresso.

I drank a little bit, so I apologize that it’s not the right nut

The resulting taste was very good, I would also consider the mugs that were the same as in every other better cafe here in London.

Soothing for disgusting prices
A London tribute is said when it’s home, so you have to pay extra

The price of espresso was about 60 CZK. Latte or cappuccino for 75 CZK. This café also offered additional sales. These were mainly coffee and various coffee-making supplies at home. In addition to additional sales, coffee snacks were offered here. Well, according to the photos you probably spin the dolls…. Who not…. The problem is that the goods you buy in the shop for CZK 7 are sold in cafes for CZK 75. Why? Because it is mostly domestic production. People like it here, and so they are willing to give that money.

Additional sale
Coffee maker – the wooden decking?

In terms of equipment, two very professional Victoria Arduino mills and a La Marzocco coffee maker.



  • Quality coffee
  • Very good coffee grinders
  • Coffee price
  • Additional sale
Chilled drinks

  • There is no toilet
  • Terrible interior – such as withered flowers
  • Missing Wifi free
  • Front garden in terrible condition
  • Sweet price
  • Owner without mood

I recommend this café only for coffee. It is not for sitting !!!

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