40 zero

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At lunch from Gordon, I went to this cafe

Outdoor seating

So I used a google maps where what’s and popped up on my phone screen this business.

Restaurant interior

I would start with an interior that I would say is retro modern. I don’t know what to imagine under this name, but the retro style with the elements of modern furniture prevailed.

Stone bar

What got me totally was graffiti on the walls. Such a hipster / funky style, but why not…


Large selection of food. From starters to desserts. Let’s get away from the food and get a drink. Here you will find a large selection of cocktails and many kinds of spirits. In addition to the classic English gin, here you will also find Japanese whiskey Hakushu.


Before this review, I visited one more cafe, you certainly remember that you could read that it was super interior, but I burned off prepared Flat White, so as a result I did not recommend the cafe.

Set tables

Coffee at 40 Zero is completely different…. Aside from the fact that they use the coffee machineLa Marzoco and the top grinder that ranks among the Ferrari coffee grinders, they have a really good coffee here.

Corridor to toilets

For me, this business has done everything that the right business should offer. It was clean, the service is nice to you and the environment is nice and overall it feels very pleasant to you.


The toilets were very clean and interesting to me … I felt like somewhere in the club. But I have to say that it all went very well together.

Toilet ceiling
interesting lighting


  • Very nice service
  • Top interior
  • Excellent coffee
  • Large selection of cocktails + spirits
  • Near the tube
  • Purity
  • The waiter automatically brought water for free

I found nothing negative

I recommend this business

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